Does Editing Your Own Podcast Make You Want to Punch Walls?

We know how it is. Let us take care of any ums, uhs, long pauses, and tangents so you don't have to!

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Hey there, I hope you're doing great today! I'm Leland, the owner here at PodPunch Podcast Editing.

It takes hours to come up with content, record, edit, and write show notes for your podcast. Sometimes you just don't want to listen back through sixty minutes of uncut recording to find where your guest speaker ran off on a tangent about how wonderful their cat is.

PodPunch offers a way to take some of this busywork off your shoulders, giving you more time to do what you love! Together, we can get your next podcast delivered to your listeners as a smooth, value-filled, and seamless production. Give us a shout down below to discuss how you can knock your next project out of the park!


Leland Holden

BS in Music Production from Oregon State University

You know editing your own voice is a drag.

Shoot us a message and we'll take it from here!